LG new range release collaboration

A brand partnership was created between LG & Ghostbusters.


Sony’s reboot of the beloved movie franchise was hitting cinemas at the same time as the launch of the LG range. It offered the benefit of
pre-existing intense public interest, particularly among Millenials and
Gen Ys, and it was a movie associated with fun gadgets that sucked up nasties.

I was required to design and roll out
a campaign across TV, radio, print and digital, using excerpts of the movie in conjunction with LG product imagery
to command attention and drive home key messages. Eye-catching point-of-sale material continued this messaging in stores.

And to get the most brand value from the partnership, the campaign was centred around a competition to win
a Ghostbusters experience in New York worth $20,000 by buying an LG vacuum.

38188 HAVS Ghostbusters Promotion_A4_KV_
38188 HAVS Ghostbusters Promotion_A4_KV_